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I did not, but I have an IPR filter I looked at putting in Bypass mode with the air cooled cooler, but opted against it.

Under the hood of the 6.0 is crowded, and the air cooled oil cooler makes it even more crowded, and when I looked at plumbing the bypass filter in, what stopped me was cutting the heater hose to insert the bypass Tee, looked like it would kink the hose. Also, where I'd secure the filter itself became an issue. Neither was unsolvable, just more work than I wanted. The Sinister Filter had a smaller bypass hose, so maybe it would be easier.

On the last coolant change, I was pulling sediments out of my coolant on the fifth flush of my last coolant change, but there's nowhere for this sediment to settle like in the OEM cooler. Perhaps this would have ruined an OEM cooler had I not had the IPR cooler. I also did not want to have to deal with changing or cleaning a filter.

No real reason to have a coolant filter with the kit in. If you are comfortable with how it tees in and find a place to secure the filter, having a bypass filter will at worst not hurt the system and at best filter any of that sediment out out.
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