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I have a 2008 F250 KR CC SB 4WD. This is my first heavy duty truck and my first diesel, it is however not my first truck. I don't know anything about how a Superduty should ride but mine seems a little strange to me. Big bumps and things you would expect to cause a jolt don't really seem to effect the truck like you would think, but small whoops in the road (especially the highway) cause the cab to sort of bounce or gyrate. It isn't wild or out of control and doesn't seem to effect the steering wheel or handling. I just wanted to see if this is normal or if something was potentially wrong. I'm sure I need new shocks. The truck has 95k miles on it and I don't think the owner before me was very diligent about maintaining the vehicle. Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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