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If you want to do a bolt on a Billet Grill to the front of your superduty, heres how you do it.

Tools Needed: Putco Billet Grill Kit 3 piece
Painter's Tape
Screw Drivers Phillips and Flat head
Flat Black Spray Paint

Step 1: Romove the 4 Screws on the top of the Grill

Step 2: Pop off the the four clips on the bottom of the Grill. Use your flat head screw driver and pop the clips out.

Step 4: Remove the Grill

Step 5: Tape off all of the Chrome so that you only paint what you want to.

Step 6: Take your sand paper and scuff the black portion of the grill so the paint will stick better, take a clean rag and clean off the dust where you sanded, or blow it off with an air hose.

Step 7: Spray the Flat Black paint over the plastic portions that you want painted. Besure and get good coverage and put a couple of coats of paint on.

step 8: Remove tape after paint drys.

Step 9: Place grill over the old grill, besure and not over tighten and wait to tighten all the bolts so you get an even pull. Tighten bolts in a circle so that they are even

Step 10: Replace Grill, reverse the steps in steps 1 & 2. You should be done once you get everything good and tight, close your hood and be happy with your new grill.

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