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thanks. Im pretty lost at this point.

Ill add a lil backstory to my dilemma --
New to me 08 6.4L 4X4 F550 Host Motorhome. Sick rig. Stoked.
Thought i did my homework on the purchase. It had a new Ford Reman. 6.4 installed by a professional?? shop 8k mi. prior to purchase. Prior owner overheated original motor on hwy and kept driving it still it blew. I contacted the shop that did the work and discussed the replacement, studied up on their reputation- all seemed legit. Prior owner spent $20K replacing it. All service records. It never had a regen. cycled thru it after the replacement, due to a diet. I was hoping that was a great thing and solved many of the 6.4 concerns. SO VERY WRONG!

Owned it for less than 4K miles. Oil and filters changed the day i bought it. drove amazing.
I blew #7 injector out of the block on the Hwy 400mi. from home. never threw a code, no prior performance changes. Ran like a top till poof. It still started and ran VERY rough post incident, after adding 2 gal. of oil. I was able to pull it off the hwy to get a tow to a shop.
Its at a shop, one that came recommended highly for the area by people i know. Hopefully they are honest.
Shop is pulling the motor atm, then we see what the real damage is. Its a Class C camper so no body off. Motor came out thru the front.

Not in a position currently to do the work myself, though id love to learn the 6.4 and VALUE all aspects of the DIY build. Just dont have the time or space to tear this rig down atm. And its 400 miles away in a shop.
Im a Toyota guy and been wheeling my whole life, built a number of Toyota engines and done plenty of crawler fab work. My garage is full of tools, i normally love this ****.
Im no baller so cant throw the bank roll at it. But im here so 😂😂🤙

As i stated earlier.
Considering worst cases-
Replace motor with Either a Choate or KDD. Reliability and longevity is my goal. We tour Baja deep, and i want to know im solid, and be able to fix a problem if it arises.

@Chaote has the Workhorse 6.4 on a pallet ready too go.
@KillDevilDiesel seems like they may have quite a wait time, im in process of discussing options with them. But they also sell a NEW block- if mine has damage and won't qualify for a core. That is a huge plus.
Anyone have legit cautions against either of these builders? One is newer to scene, one has a solid rep.

gonna start studying up on the Fummins possibility. Your thread will be the start!!

If i install a beauty of a 6.4L built strong, am i gaining anything in a Cummins? Or just complicating a reliable platform?
Cummins motor choice? Which one is best in power and reliability? Transmission adapters or am i going there too? The 5R110W seems like it has a decent reputation.

cost would be my other concern. Comparable to the new 6.4? remembering that ive already paid a shop to remove/disassemble an engine.

Id love peoples opinions on 6.4 builders, Fummins swap?

maybe i should start my own thread? Nothing better than a bunch of threads about the same situation

Consider an engine conversion. I did a full Cummins conversion, by myself, at home , working just on the weekends, in less time that it takes to get a replacement 6.4L long block delivered.
Couldn't be happier with it. Its such a popular conversion that most parts are off-the-shelf and very little actual custom work needs to be done. The 08-10 trucks are great in all areas except reliability, a Cummins fixes that issue.

Here's a link to a build thread that details most of the conversion process.

View attachment 779525

View attachment 779526
badass build. Great read.
Looked like a lot of work to get the small stuff dialed, but you consistently plugged away.

my favorite reoccurring quote of yours 😂😂 "Another of what I assumed would be a simple, little, easy job turned into a much longer , more time consuming, job than I ever thought it could be." --- story of my life right now.

Not gonna lie, at this moment i do not have the resources avail. to pull that off myself. Its Winter and It is coming! And i live rural middle of no where without any resources to help out.

I would be interested in some form of swap, if it was reasonable to have a shop perform. But that seems unlikely??

Here's a link to a build thread that details most of the conversion process.

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So. back to the conversation about replacing a 6.4

Contacted KDD. very pleasant and helpful discussion. However-- lead time for any short/longblock build is no less than 5 months out atm. FYI.
Kinda rules out that avenue if i have any need for a drivable rig in the near future as most do
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