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BEWARE: North Texas Truck Stop

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I just wanted to put a warning out there about this dealership.

I purchased my 05 Lariat from them in August 2010 on the recommendations of a couple of people online who said they were great. During my transaction, I thought they were great, too. Now, I'm finding out they are typical slimy used car dealers who will lie, cheat and steal to take your money.

Their eBay/online operation looks very professional and on the up and up which is important if you are buying a vehicle over the computer (which I did).

The truck I purchased looked immaculate from the pics. Spoke to Harvey Kirkland over there who assured me the truck was in beautiful shape both cosmetically and mechanically. Told me it was a cream puff in not so many words.

I knew with a 6.0, problems can arise, so Harvey recommended a warranty for $1400.00 to me that he claimed would cover "anything you could imagine". OK, I read the "warranty" and to me, it looked pretty relevant, and with my limited mechanical knowledge, looked like it would cover most normal repairs, like a factory warranty.

I also was leery of having the truck shipped, so Harvey recommended using this more expensive shipping company that was supposed to be great. Point to point pickup and delivery, fast transit time, no one handling the truck en route. No brokering.

Well, my truck was lost in transit for over 7 days. No one knew where it was or who had it. My truck was double brokered. My truck was DRIVEN to my house from God knows where by God knows who with an ABS lit on the dash that wasn't lit in the pictures I saw. The entire premise of why I paid EXTRA to use this "white glove" shipper went out the window. They didn't make good on any of the promises they made. I demanded a refund from North Texas Truck Stop before they paid the shipper and all I got was a runaround.

The truck showed up with a fifth wheel mount under a brand new bedliner that I couldn't see in the pics. I asked Harvey Kirkland specifically if it had a fifth wheel mount when I was looking at the truch and he said "No". LIAR.

Truck was delivered with $2000 of exhaust leak problems that were undisclosed, and, here's the kicker, NOT COVERED by the WARRANTY North Texas Truck Stop sold me. I asked them about the ABS light and they said something of the effect to "don't get all upset, it happens all the time and it's ONLY $500 to fix." Are you kidding me?

FYI, the warranty they sold me is C.A.R.S. Protection Plus. It's worthless. Now that I have it and have had every claim denied by them, I started doing research to find out that this warranty company is a complete sham. They have extremely vague coverage language that they always interpret to get out of paying a claim. And, if you have them dead to rights, they either demand the mechanic tear down the engine on your dime to find the "cause" of the problem (racking up big $$$) only to say. "OK, wait while we find a used part to put in there and we'll only pay for the installation of THAT part, not the parts around it." In other words, you could have a $4,000 repair bill only to get reimbursed $250.00. No joke.

I have filed a claim with PA Attorney General regarding the warranty. I want a refund since they have never paid a claim and never will and C.A.R.S. Plus Protection refuses to refund me any money. It's not even like they sold me a tangible item. They sold me a concept. A concept that is a scam on all fronts.

So, if you are looking to buy a truck or warranty, don't buy it from North Texas Truck Stop or C.A.R.S. Protection Plus
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I live down here and have never heard of them. Thanks for the info and warning. Ford sent me a pamphlet where I could get a warranty through Ford for 200,000 for diesel engines.
Good write up. I was literally gettin pissed as I read. Used car salemen (and some new as well) are fng snakes and do whatever it takes to put as much in their pocket (ethically or not) as possible. Best of luck with your purchase from here and get them sorry sob's to refund you on at least part of the three things (warranty, delivery, mechanically sound) they lied to you about.
Sorry to hear about that. Thanks for the info
Wow man, sounds like you got the short stick on that exchange. You can also get in touch with BBB and they can fight it for you. I know several people that have used them for getting repairs or refunds from dealers.
Sorry to hear, you never know buying a car so far away. Especially used car dealers, those people are dirty. With them knowing your so far away they don't really care what happens after you sign on the dotted line.
that is terrible. i hope you get it resolved
I know in Washington state, you can bring back the vehicle if it's not what is advertised. It's 3 days here, do you have it in your state?

This is the number one reason why I never buy anything sight unseen. If I can't drive it, see it, or inspect it, I wouldn't buy it. Plus years ago someone did the same thing to me about the warranty, it's all crap. My experiences with state attorney offices doing anything has been very negative (All they care about is where's my money.). Hopefully they do something for you.

Good luck with it and thanks for letting others know.
Is it through Ebay? If so, call them asap and let them know that you've been scammed. See what they'll do for you. That's the last thing ebay wants is a bad rep.
There is a little credibility at stake here claiming $2000 worth of exhaust issues. You can replace the entire exhaust system from the engine back for well under $1000.

Sorry you got burned with this one. I would have checked it out good on delivery and not accepted it with what you are claiming.
You can replace the entire exhaust system from the engine back for well under $1000..

I dont know about 2k but up pipe leaks and stuff are a pain and i don't know what it would cost to pay someone to fix them. I know i was hating life trying to get mine to line up correctly.
There is a little credibility at stake here claiming $2000 worth of exhaust issues. You can replace the entire exhaust system from the engine back for well under $1000.

Sorry you got burned with this one. I would have checked it out good on delivery and not accepted it with what you are claiming.
Come to Bergen County, NJ and I'll show you how it can be $2,000.00 real quick. Everything is expensive here. It went into the shop two separate times to fix this. If I blink, it costs me $500.00

I don't appreciate the comment about my credibility, either.:dunno:
Wow man, sounds like you got the short stick on that exchange. You can also get in touch with BBB and they can fight it for you. I know several people that have used them for getting repairs or refunds from dealers.
BBB is also a complete sham in case you didn't know.

Even though I have zero faith in the BBB, I did contact them and they refuse to even accept a claim against this company on my behalf.

Reason (BBB will not tell you this) is that C.A.R.S. pays a very hefty membership fee to BBB and the more a company pays, the higher their rating gets and the less complaints show.

BBB is currently under investigation for fraud, FYI:

'Pay For Play' Scandal Engulfs Better Business Bureau

And no...I don't see black helicopters following me. I am a contractor and know all too well about how the BBB extorts people because they constantly try to extort me into becoming a member.
Wow, I've heard nothing but good results from using BBB. Even my brother went after a dealer locally for his 07 Ford and got a full repair for the issues he had.
I had a similar situation with Texas Auto Liquidators. Was lookinga at a G35 for my fiance, put a $500 deposit down on the car to hold it until I came out to look at it. I told them, and they agreed that it was acceptable, that if I found anything wrong with the car I would expect my deposit back. Year of the car and miles would put it inside factory warranty limits so I called a local dealership and asked about the car, at first they said it was still under warranty.....awesome!!! Then the tech says, "wait a minute........alright I am not suppose to tell you all of this but I am going to...." Turns out previous owner jacked up the multiple seals, gaskets and other componets putting an aftermarket super charger on it, tried to get it fixed under warranty, which was denied due to the after market charger, tech also said it was reccomended that the engine was replaced.

He gave me the dates and I looked at the carfax and the guy traded it in at a Mercedes or Audi dealership a week later. I called them (Texas Auto Liquidators) and told them thanks but unless they had proof issues were repaired then I wanted my money back. He (Scott or Brian) said nope, non-refundable deposit. I told him what we had agreed to and he got mad and confrontational with me. I asked to speak to a manager and he stated that one was not there so I asked him to have the manager call me back. Manager called me back the next day and said sorry but it was non-refundable.....I stated a verbal agreement is a binding contract and he told me I had no proof. I simply hung up then, no point in dealing with the jerk....I knew I wouldn't get anywhere.

I immediatly called my credit card and disputed the charge, got the $500 back a week later.

Thanks for the write up though, I almost bought a truck from them a couple months ago but decided not too and it was because of a write up I found on this forum. North texas truck stop has a great rating on ebay but if you really dig for ratings, (google/yahoo) they have some bad ones and one of the most common is that the pictures look great online but once seeing the truck in person the photos don't show any of the cosmetic issues. I guess the morale is don't buy a vehicle unless you or someone you trust has the chance to actually look at it/drive it.
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I'm sorry to hear about your troubles... The silver lining in all of this to me is that I wouldn't mind seeing the 5th wheel at all... We're not talking about a gas motor, the 6.0's need to be worked.

I think most of the guys on here will agree that the jobsite trucks with loaded down utility bodies generally make out better than the 6.0's that idle a lot and sit around.

Divide your mileage by your engine hours, if your avg speed >30mph, that's a good thing.

I hope you get everything rectified - good luck,

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, I wish you would have posted you were looking at the truck before your bought it and I would have caught it.

I had a buddy(now brother in law) that was looking for a truck and we found it there, online just like you said the pics look immaculate, just like all of their pics do. Well, we got there and it looked like trash, they had spray painted a bunch of the underside black and it was just enough that it looked black, then when you stuck your head under you could see the edges of the paint, bumpers were crooked and even the truck sat off level severely.

I truly wish I could have seen this and even went and looked at the truck and took my own pics of it. Their shop is literally about 15 minutes from my work...
Visited NTTS to take a look at their inventory. Let's just say I would never consider buying from them. Every truck I looked at had issues, simple ones that they could easily fix. Asked them about the problems and they exclaimed, 'they are used trucks, any used truck will have problems'. This is an issue for me seeing as I have bought used trucks before and they had ZERO issues. Also, if they are willing to try and sell a truck with such obvious minor issues, what kind of major issues are they covering up and not willing to fix.
It's too late for the OP obviously, but there are some things best purchased in person. A used diesel truck is definitely one of them. That's a lot of money to invest, the expense of buying a troubled vehicle is very high, and frankly PS's are so prevalent that if you can't find a decent one close to you, you're just not looking.

Before you cut corners to save a few dollars, think about the potential costs if the deal goes sour. Getting burned buying $300 worth of car audio off of ebay is one thing. Getting burned buying a $20k truck across state lines is a different league of hurt.
I kind of ran into the same thing with elite motors in cartersville ga...

The truck I have now looked perfect in the pictures. Besides the back rest rob was missing. I got to the dealer and you could tell they painted the wheel wells and part of the frame. It has some deep marks on it that wont come out unless I re-paint the whole truck. I went ahead and got the truck cause those things wasnt that bad. On the way home smoke started coming from the motor. I pulled over and started looking and the oil fill cap was missing and smoke was coming out of it... Also the driver side front up and lower ball joint just went out also...
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