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Best bang for your buck lift kit

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I have a 2008 f250 with a leveling kit 2.5 inches but I would like to go higher say 4 inch. How much higher would it be than my leveling kit? What kit would be the best one I have been reading on them like crazy but kind of confused. I do not off road just highway and rural roads what would be the best to buy? Cost wise and daily driving. Any personnel experiences?
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Not sure if I'm missing something here but a 4" lift would be 1.5" taller than your 2.5" leveling kit. The easiest/cheapest way to raise it up to 4" would be to completely start over. Lower end lifts (like the one I have on my truck) such as Rough Country or Tuff Country are plenty good for most people out there for "normal" driving that you're referring to.

If you're looking to spend $2k+, you can significantly improve your ride quality by going with Icon or Carli. The springs and shocks are the nicer parts of these lifts and you can upgrade to those later if you start with a Rough Country lift.

If you buy Rough Country, buy directly from them instead of one of their vendors. The price is the same everywhere for their stuff. Ordering through RC will save you time and will be much easier to deal with if you have any issues down the road.

Use the search function on here and you'll find a ton of threads on this same topic. Lots of good info on here.
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With the height difference I wrote it wrong lol when I see pictures of leveling and 4 inch kits they kinda look the same but that's was good info thank you
4" BDS lift, very happy with it


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Mine is 4.5" Rough Country with PMF blocks in the rear. Tires are 325/60/20 (35.6" tall and 13" wide).
Are the 4 inch kits just springs or does have the whole 4 link system? Does anyone know anything about super lift I'm in Canada so everything is more expensive but I got quoted a 6 inch lift from super lift it was 2230 incl taxes but then plus another 600 for installation
The RC lift is just springs in the front. It comes with the drop pitman arm, radius arm drop brackets, track bar relocation bracket, sway bar end links, carrier bearing drop bracket, cheap shocks (they still ride better than stock), rear lift block, ubolts, all hardware and stainless extended brake lines...pretty much everything to get you running.

If you have a little mechanic ability, you can put the lift on yourself and save $600. I have done all my lifts in my driveway.
How long did it roughly take to do? I'd take it the back I a lot easier then the front lol
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