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BDP Spring Dyno Day/ Sled Pull

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May 21st. Dyno day and sled pull. Do yall want to try to make this a G2G? I am going to try to be there either way.

Location is Woodbury, Tn.
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I want to go tryin to talk the wife into going. May try to have some new tuning by then.:wink[3]:
Nah, I'm kinda like a bug drawn to light. I see how close I am to 500 and I just gotta go!:rofl:
Basicly its whats in my sig. I'm going to sell the PPE and go with EFI Live. Johnathan @ Beans can install custom tuning on a DSP5 switch. I'm thinking of getting a economy tune, light tow, heavy tow w/turbo brake and a 500 something dyno tune :woot:and maybe a valet (aka wife can drive ) tune. :hehe: I still have the stock trans so dont want to kill it till I can build it.
Not gonna pretend I know it all, but aren't you gonna be playing russian roulette with a stock trans over 5?
Yes your right,but I'm not going to drive it on that tune all the time. Its just going to be a "dyno tune" just for kicks and giggles. I mainly want to get shift on the fly capabilities for economy and tow. I know that changing my tunes now only takes 5-6 min but when I want to do it spur of the moment I like being able to turn a switch. The stock motor is good to about 550 rwhp, I'm not going to get crazy, I don't race it or hook and pull either but I'd like to have a 500 hp DD truck, but not going to do very much till I can get the trans rebuilt.

It is what it is. Going to drive it till it dies.
That's my thoughts on it, just don't want to encourage it along.
I bought it 2 yr ago with 79k on it and it just hit the century mark. Most of the time I run my PPE on lvl 3, which is 160hp. Lvl 4 is what I dyno'd on @ Beans, lvl 4 is 225. I get my best milage on lvl 3. Which consertively on a trip will be as high as 19+, around town about 17.
Looks like EFI is going to be a Cummins thing as well
Yep, if it's not already out it will be soon. They say it will do more than the Smarty.
Back on topic. Who is planning on going? I'm still trying to get the wife to come with me. And I'm still trying to sell the PPE. Will have to see which happens first.:rofl: May try to bring a tent to set up for shade and a central meeting area.
If yall know anybody with a D-max that needs a tuner I'll sell my PPE for $400.00 shipped USPS. Pay-pal or USPS M/O. Two years old has case instructions and cable.
Thanks. I hope I can get this done in time for Beans.
Yes. I will probably order the switch ahead of time to install and pre run the wires, that way It will make the install go a little quicker. I had thought about if it worked out maybe going up on friday before the day of the event and getting it all done and stay the night and be there for sat. Just need to sell this before I plan that far ahead.
Yes, 5-pos switch, 5 tunes, reflash and all is around $700. This was back in Dec. at the other Dyno day, don't know if anything has changed since then or not prob. need to call and make sure.
Just what he and I talked about while I was strapped on the rollers. I even asked about my 3 service trucks and he said he could get tunes for my two 7.3's and my 6.0 to help with better milage. We don't tow much with them so I dont need that much more power out of them but I know you cant have one with out the other.
Had a nice talk with Johnathon yesterday, got everything all lined up about my tunes. He has a "special" tune for a D-max just like I want. And an economy tune that will get 20-21 mpg. The others will be tow and so on. All I have left to do is sell the PPE , which I have an offer on it close to what I want so It may be fixin to leave, then its off to Beans. :woot:
PPE sale pending. :woot: Waiting on a reply for a PM. Now the excitement builds!!!
Sure! Just a quick one tho!:hehe:

Seriously, I'm not going to bash on it to much till the tranny gets built. The big tune is for kicks and giggles I am really looking forward to the turn of a switch to change from towing to DD and back with out having to get the tunner out and plug it up every time. And the economy tume is going to be a big plus with fuel steadly going up.
Just got pay-pal conformation, PPE sold. Looks like I'll have to call Johnathon tommorrow.:woot:
Got my appointment. 10:00 Friday @ Beans. Wahoo!!!!!
What a day. Ran into some bridge construction on the way to Beans so I was late. Johnathon had already started on another truck(which I totaly understand,my loss his gain). Had lunch got back to shop and started installing switch and getting tunes loaded up. Found low rail pressure, changed out FRPV with a PPE Race Valve and got that resolved. Didn't have time to dyno so looks like I won't know till next month what she is now but deffinetly "seat of the pants dyno" says its all good. Can't wait to see the final numbers. The economy tune is great, truck display said 19.6mpg. Pencil to paper said 18.5(374.8miles by 20.2 gallons), thats with playing on the way home. (poor mustang gt):woot: I'll drive it more this weekend and let yall know more.

Here is the man himself. Johnathon installing the wiring for the switch.

Here I am getting ready to leave. Thinking "do I run the hot tune or the economy tune". Decisions decisions?????

Sorry about the pics - cell phone!
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More MPG numbers for ya'. It just keeps getting better. 376.8 miles by 19.8 gal makes 19.03 mpg. Just driving not really trying. Truck display is close this time, it said 19.5. Before tunning it was 17-17.5 on a good day. So if nothing else it'll pay for itself in fuel savings over the next few months.
We understand, but by then you may need a break its still three weeks off.
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