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BDP Spring Dyno Day/ Sled Pull

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May 21st. Dyno day and sled pull. Do yall want to try to make this a G2G? I am going to try to be there either way.

Location is Woodbury, Tn.
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Nah, I'm kinda like a bug drawn to light. I see how close I am to 500 and I just gotta go!:rofl:
:nx::nod: .
Nah, I'm kinda like a bug drawn to light. I see how close I am to 500 and I just gotta go!:rofl:
Details on your truck?
My bad. I have sigs turned off so I didnt know. You should be able to get there with custom tunes.
I didnt want to say anything.... lol
Oh I agree. Look how long ive pushed my truck. Not hard as you do yours, but give me some slack. Its a 6.0

and even I might have a built trans. Its been acting funny the last week. Even slipped on me the other day.
It is what it is. Going to drive it till it dies.
I'd love to have a 500hp DD, but I can't do it with just a tune :hehe: $6000-$8000 would get me there.

I have already given my trans some encouragement. 50,000+ miles all on a race tune and I am like you when it comes to switching tunes. Takes about 5 minutes. Since it takes that long I just kept the same race tune loaded. Even while towing.

How many miles are on your truck?
Looks like EFI is going to be a Cummins thing as well
It is out. Just recently came out.
Very true. If I had a Cummins right now and was wanting a tuner, Id wait to get the EFI
Very awesome. You gonna take us Ferd guys for a ride when you get the extra go-go?
I wish my truck would have been like that. I might have used the tow tunes while towing instead of my race tune. Probably would have used my street tune more as well.
Very nice.
Got my appointment. 10:00 Friday @ Beans. Wahoo!!!!!
Its about that time! Let us know what she does.
Sorry about the pics - cell phone!
Not even a Nikon could make a Duramax look good. :poke

Good deal man. Looks like you have a pretty awesome DD. I wish my truck could get 19mpg.
and I really dont know if I will make it to Beans anymore. Ill just have to wait and see.
Was told today we have to make up 2000 cars in the next 7 weeks or so before the 4th of July shutdown. I see a lot of Saturday's, maybe a Sunday, though I'm doubtful they'd pay double time for them.
How many vehicles do yall produce in a day?
No go for me.
I wanna come!! Just doubt I can
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