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BDP Spring Dyno Day/ Sled Pull

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May 21st. Dyno day and sled pull. Do yall want to try to make this a G2G? I am going to try to be there either way.

Location is Woodbury, Tn.
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I'll just say there's no way I'll make it. We will be so far behind on production, that I'll be surprised if we don't work some Sundays. We haven't made a car since Wed. at 9:45 AM. We know and understand what has, and is happening, but the rest of the world wants their cars.
Was told today we have to make up 2000 cars in the next 7 weeks or so before the 4th of July shutdown. I see a lot of Saturday's, maybe a Sunday, though I'm doubtful they'd pay double time for them.
We have to make these cars as they are already sold in some way to either a dealer or a customer order. The 2012's will start after shutdown. I couldn't say as to whether the quality would better or worse in all honesty. We worked 5 Saturdays in a row last year. I wasn't happy getting off at 1-2am Sunday morning night shift and then go back on Monday 6am day shift. It looked pretty on that check though, until they taxed it to death. I can use the money either way. We just owe on the Superduty, house, and 1 cc. I want the cc gone by the end of summer. We have some 2012 test cars running around we've already made, just not sure what changes we're doing to the line.
Depends on how other lines that feed/pull from us run. We ran around 265 today in 8hrs and 42 min. 265 or around there seems to be our target number for now. We may be off this Saturday due to Mother's Day, but I wouldn't be surprised if we worked. They can wait as late as Thursday evening to make that call.
1 - 5 of 124 Posts
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