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BDP Spring Dyno Day/ Sled Pull

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May 21st. Dyno day and sled pull. Do yall want to try to make this a G2G? I am going to try to be there either way.

Location is Woodbury, Tn.
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Basicly its whats in my sig. I'm going to sell the PPE and go with EFI Live. Johnathan @ Beans can install custom tuning on a DSP5 switch. I'm thinking of getting a economy tune, light tow, heavy tow w/turbo brake and a 500 something dyno tune :woot:and maybe a valet (aka wife can drive ) tune. :hehe: I still have the stock trans so dont want to kill it till I can build it.
Not gonna pretend I know it all, but aren't you gonna be playing russian roulette with a stock trans over 5?

I'd probably at least upgrade the TC and VB before I pushed it any harder.
I don't mean to say it can't be done, I mean look at how long I pushed that PMR motor hard lol.

Upgrading a trans is easier than the motor though, even I have a "built" trans.
Yes your right,but I'm not going to drive it on that tune all the time. Its just going to be a "dyno tune" just for kicks and giggles. I mainly want to get shift on the fly capabilities for economy and tow. I know that changing my tunes now only takes 5-6 min but when I want to do it spur of the moment I like being able to turn a switch. The stock motor is good to about 550 rwhp, I'm not going to get crazy, I don't race it or hook and pull either but I'd like to have a 500 hp DD truck, but not going to do very much till I can get the trans rebuilt.
EFI is pure magic.

I wouldn't be happy with anything less if I was a duramax guy.
Looks like EFI is going to be a Cummins thing as well
If it's as user friendly as the Duramax EFI, there'll be no reason for the standalone they worked so hard on for 99% of the people out there.
It shouldn't be that warm yet in May, but it'll most likely be me, my wife, and kid.

Dunno how many guys I know here in town will be down there.
It is out. Just recently came out.
Still largely in BETA though.
I don't think it has, just wanted to know if you had a figure to plan at.
Sure! Just a quick one tho!:hehe:

Seriously, I'm not going to bash on it to much till the tranny gets built. The big tune is for kicks and giggles I am really looking forward to the turn of a switch to change from towing to DD and back with out having to get the tunner out and plug it up every time. And the economy tume is going to be a big plus with fuel steadly going up.
Yeah, that's the best part.
Just got pay-pal conformation, PPE sold. Looks like I'll have to call Johnathon tommorrow.:woot:
Awesome! Let us know how it goes!
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