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$80 BD Performance 6.0 Silicone Air Boots (03'-04')

This is a partial BD Performance Hose and Clamp kit (pn# 1047035) for Ford Powerstroke 6.0 03' and 04'.
I am asking $80.00 for it.

This will fit F-Series trucks and Excursions, and probably fit E-series vans.

This is the link to the BD Performance website: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

This partial kit includes:
Elbow boot for the compressor outlet: #1407006 w/o clamps (can re-use OEM clamps)

Intercooler outlet boot: #1407003 w/ 2x clamps #1405211 (3.25" dia)

Intake manifold boot: #1407004 w/ 2x clamps #1405211 (3.25" dia)

(see pic below for location reference)

I bought this full kit for my 2006 F250, but I could only use two of the boots and clamps in the kit. (the compressor outlet boot, and intercooler inlet boot)

05' to 07' PowerStroke engines use a 1-piece plastic CAC tube from the intercooler to the intake manifold, which does not require the silicone boots, hence what I am listing here.

If you have an early model 6.0 Powerstroke, then this kit is for you!!

This kit is only missing the intercooler inlet boot, which can be purchased separately from the dealer, or other on-line sources.

The blue boot in these pics is the compressor outlet boot, which is specific to early model 6.0. Later model 6.0 engines require a longer compressor outlet boot.

I am selling 3/4 of a full kit for less than 1/2 cost!!!!

Reminder: This kit will only work for early model (03' - 04' Powerstrokes with the METAL intercooler outlet tube, as seen in the pic below)

If you have a BLACK plastic intercooler outlet tube, then DO NOT BUY this from me.

Please email or PM me if you're interested, or want to negotiate.
Shipping is flate rate $8.00 USPS Priority, from Orange County, CA.
Local pickup is OK too.
I prefer Paypal, but cash is always accepted.

Please do not disregard me becuase of my newbie status. I have been lurking on for over a year, since I purchaced my F250. This has been very informative site, and helped me buy a good truck, and keep proper maintinance on it!

Thanks for looking

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