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Bailey here from Baja Designs. This thread is for our OnX6 LED Light Bars. These come in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and performance options.
This includes the OnX6, Racer Edition, and Hi-Power and are even available in Arc (curved) and Dual Control options!

OnX6, LED Light Bar - starting at $429.95
58.5W/7,350 Lumens

OnX6, Racer Edition, LED Light Bar - starting at $599.95
63W/ 40% more distance than OnX6! Great for high speed and long range applications.

OnX6, Hi-Power, LED Light Bar - starting at $599.95
101W/11,650 Lumens - Features our XL80 and XL Racer LED's for Maximum Performance in nearfield, midfield, and distance.

Patterns: Spot, Driving/Combo, Wide Driving
Colors: Amber, White

These also come in Arc (curved) models and even Dual Control!

We have the following accessories available:

- Black Rock Guard - 10",20",30",40",50" - starting at $14.95

Wiring Harnesses:

- On/Off Only - $24.95

- On/Off MODE - Hi/Lo/Strobe (OnX6 and Racer Edition) - $74.95

- On/Off MODE - Hi/Lo (Hi-Power) - $74.95


Don't forget to call (800)422-5292x114 for your 10% discount! - [email protected]
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