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2000 7.3 with the dual alternator set up. 215k miles on it.

- The primary alternator went bad and is cooking my batteries...putting out 15.8v. I plan to replace it but heard rumors that both should be replaced at the same time. Any truth or logic to this? It doesn't seem like one would affect the other. Also, if there is some truth to that statement, any write ups / videos on how to get that lower alternator out? I've been searching and haven't been able to find anything.

- This is my only vehicle so am I able to unplug the small wires from the primary alt and only run off the secondary until I get the replacement?

- I have a truck camper on this truck and it's tied into the batteries of the camper - will the dual set up with 110 amp alternators be fine for that or should I bump the primary up to something a bit bigger...if so, how big can I go without changing out the wiring?

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