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I am scheduling time with the dealership service dept. They want to test every single wire in the cable bundle individually. If one shows voltage loss, they will splice a new wire over that problem wire. This way they avoid replacing the entire cable bundle running from rear camera to front engine bay. This is the latest directive from Ford Tech Hotline after trying camera and mirror replacements.

FYI, This is the 6th service visit for this issue and I qualify for lemon law replacement/refund. I have contacted a lawyer and apparently have a slam dunk case. Paperwork is already being filled out because I have little confidence this truck can be fixed.

And no, remote start does not seem to be a factor. Leaving the truck outside in the heat/sun apparently is.
Nice. I should take my dads in to see what they can do. And as to the sun ordeal I wonder if a visor tint strip would help out
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