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The following is done at your own risk !

Here are a few here and there hints for the Pioneer AVIC-D3


First off let’s address bypass.

There are 2 ways you can do it. One is to take the mute wire it is YELLOW/BLACK and is found on the AV HARNESS, that’s the one with all the RCA jacks hanging off fo it. Carefully remove that wire from the plastic portion of the connector, rotate it 180 degrees and insert it into the vacant slot just ABOVE its original position. You should feel a click when it is properly seated. Use caution, and patients when removing and reinstalling the mute wire, it MUST be inserted firmly in order for this mod to work.

Next you will; need to ground BOTH the PARKING BRAKE WIRE from the D3 AND the YELLOW/BLACK MUTE wire you just relocated. Ground them to metal, or to the factory ground, do NOT ground them to the any parking brake wire.

You’re done! You will have full functions in NAV, iPod control, video etc. …and YES you can hook up the VSS wire without any effect on the D3’s functionality.

You can locate the VSS wire in the kick panel on the drivers side. 99.5-2004 F250/F350/Excursions. It is a GREY wire with a BLACK trace; it comes off of the PCM.

You second option, and one I don’t really recommend, is to switch the unit to “demo” mode. You can find the switch on the D3 itself, it is located UNDER the sticker on the head unit that has all of the model info. on it This switch was intended for head units that would be displayed at car audio shops so the full functionality of the D3 could be demonstrated. Doing this WILL VOIOD YOUR WARRANTY with Pioneer. Of course if you had an older unit, I guess it would not matter.

Backing Up Your NAV Disc

You may also want to back up you NAV disc. You can use Image Burn it can be downloaded by clicking here. You MUST use DL-DVD’s ( dual layer )
Once installed go to MODE-READ(or Ctrl+Alt+R ) then click on the DESTINATION icon to select where to save. Don’t change the default name of the file you are saving, it will look like this CPJ184_2_A, or pretty close to it, depending on East or West disc version, and of course of any updated software comes out. It is best to SLOW DOWN the read spped for accuracy, 2X/4X should be fine. Once you image(s) are saved on your PC, it’s time to burn a back up.

Switch to WRITE MODE by going to MODE-WRITE ( or Ctrl+Alt+W ) Select you source file, then click on the burn icon in the lower left of the Image Burn GUI box. It is best to burn at .24X or SLOWER.

A back up is handy, especially fi you lan to watch movies, or listen to CD’ sin the vehicle. The D3 has to use the NAV disc, BUT with the NAV disc in, you can program your route, the D3 will save it to memory, and you can remove the NAV disc, and put in a movie or CD etc. for the trip. All of the NAV disc shuffling has the potential to result in a broken or scratched NAV disk; this is not a good thing. This is where an expendable back up pays off.

Custom Backgrounds.

This one is easy. Make a folder simply called “pictures” put you .jpeg files into it, and burn it on a CD. Insert the CD in the D3, and fire it up. From the NAV MENU, go to SETTINGS-SYSTEM OPTIONS-BACKGROUND PICTURE SETTINGS-READ FROM DISC, you can then hit BACKGROUND PICTURE SETTINGS and choose what splash, and AV/NAV background image you would like.

I will be updating this shortly with vehicle wiring info. And some custom backgrounds for use.
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