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I have an 03 7.3 Excursion two wheel drive and am looking to add a trans cooler to it. I am going to be towing a 5k travel trailer from New Mexico to Houston and want to make sure my tranny stays cool. The truck is stock other than a intake and straight pipe. I dont have the money for a 6o cooler so I was just planning on adding a additional cooler in line. I found these two.

Hi Performance Al Transmission Engine Oil Cooler 30 row | eBay
It is a 30 row cooler but it's a no name so I am a little skeptical. The other one is:
Flex-a-lite 45251 - Flex-a-lite Heavy Duty Fluid Coolers - Overview -
any help or recommedations would be great. I want a new cooler because I have heard the horror stories using used ones.
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