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Since I didn't put my question together very well on the last post; here's the question:

Before I get to SVO/WVO, I'm going to do a better filtering job on the diesel side with the addition of a 10 micron and then 2 micron Racor filter before the fuel gets to the HFCM on my '06 PSD. I know the OEM filters on the vehicle are 10 micron (at the HFCM) and 4 micron on the engine, but I want to filter better before it gets to OEM filters and theoretically not have to change them again, but just change the spin-off Racor filters (easier to get to and not reliant on the Ford Parts Counter and stock levels).

So here's the real question; will adding these two filters before the HFCM cause me any pump problems, first at the HFCM and second with the Injector Pump? If these filters, in good shape because I will have vacuum gauge to monitor, cause me to add a lift pump between the filters and the HFCM?

Richard (Tellicorick)
Huntsville, AL
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