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i have been in your boat, i had a 99 6 speed then wrecked it, was looking to do the same thing then lucked out and bought another 6spd, so now i have 2, not particular to selling the parts but, heres what you need- floor pan from the manual truck, not hard to do. transmission and flywheel, the thick one (ie surface area) the clutch you can get from summit a hays super brute for around $400, the transfer case, all the wiring for trans/ tcase and theres a post on here somewhere to explain it all, a tubing bender for your tranny cooling lines, the drive shafts to be on the safe side mainly for the yokes (just incase) and the ecm and idm not sure of the diffrences but there is a little so jus eliminate future problems, itd be a safe move, or an ideal time for idm upgrade, and the crossmember, and the eayest yet most difficult part is the clutch and brake pedal which SHOULD just bolt right in with minor fabrication, then once your done sell all your old automatic parts to offest your expense then have fun
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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