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ATS 5R110 Transmission Problems!!!!

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Hello all,

I know there are a lot of threads about transmission problems but it think mine might be a unique one that all of you would like to hear about and I would like to get some feed back as to what the problems could be and where to go point forward.

The truck blew up right around 100,000 miles with just with just a tuner exhaust and intake on it for about 50,000 miles. At this point it was time to re due everything on the truck. The whole motor was rebuild and the brand new transmission was installed. After a couple months of driving it around the transmission started to act up then went out. Took it in to ATS and under warranty it was replaced. Now this kept occurring over the past couple years some transmissions would last longer then others but so far I have been through 6 ATS transmissions in 30,000 miles. Each transmission has been completely smoked having no gears at all or no reverse or different combinations. Now to give ATS some credit I have never had a issue with them honoring their warranty, they have replaced it every time with no questions. Thanks guys!

I just received my truck back again from yet alone another tranny problem and they put a brand new one in it. ATS told me this time that they think all of my problems have to due with my tuner and line pressures in the transmission. I would have thought that they would have tested that with the tuner installed 6 transmissions ago but I guess not? So I was told to either A. leave the truck in stock mode or B. go with a different tuner that doesn't mess with the tranny.

My questions are has any one had any troubles with their transmission running the SCT Xcal 3 on their highest setting? Could it really be just as simple as taking the truck back to Elite, having them look at the tunes and adjusting the shifting pressures? Does the tuner adjust the tranny pressures so much that it would cause solenoids to go out, pump failure, clutch slipping, torque converter problems? I ran the tuner on the highest setting for 50,000 miles with the stock trans why does the ATS tranny keep failing?

FYI... the tunes were customized after the rebuild with the first ATS tranny, so I wouldn't think It would need to be re turned again?

Truck: 05 Harley 6.0 CC SB

Bored to 6.4 L - after rebuild
Heads ported and polished
APR head studs
Cryo treated push rods and connecting rods
190cc injectors
EGR delete
ATS Aurora 4000 turbo
SCT Xcal 3 - Tunes from Elite Diesel
MBRP 4" to 5" to 6" Exhaust
S&B Cold air intake

ATS 5R110 Stage 3

2" leveling kit
35x12.50x20 Toyo MT's
20x9.5 XD Badlands

Thank you for any input or advise on this thread.
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I would make who ever is tuning your truck give it another shot.. Tuning is the key to a happy 5r transmission. Give the guys at Innovative a call and have them take a shot at tuning your transmission.
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Take the tuner off and return it to stock, if your transmission survives, then it's your tuner.

I would bet your tuner is killing your transmission, FWIW...
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Wrong fluid or temperatures?

We don't know how you drive it, but I might buy the argument for one bad transmission, but not more than that. There should have been some telling signs as you were driving it, including how the tune behaved. In any case, a corrupt or bad tune can play havoc with a transmission if you don't understand what is happening. Get a different tune and keep track of how hard you are on it.
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Take the tuner off and return it to stock, if your transmission survives, then it's your tuner.

I would bet your tuner is killing your transmission, FWIW...
i sure would hope a built trans would be able to handle a simple tuner. try different tunes maybe but the bottom line is that this type of story is not unheard of when it comes to ATS trannys.

go with a Twisted Diesel or Elite or RCD or one of the many trusted, proven trans builders.
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The transmission can only handle what the tuning calls for. The 5r110 is almost too smart for its own good with the adaptive learn it has on it. Thats why taking it back to stock and seeing what it does will help diag. any problems by pin pointing if the custom tuning in the trans is destroying it or if it is actually a transmission problem.
i have the same problem with no tuner. ford put it in and i am on tranny 8 . they are now looking into fred jones
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