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How can I tell if my front hubs need to be replaced? I have a 2003 F250 6.0l with 215k miles. I feel a slight vibration in the peddles and floor board (the faster I go the worse is gets) When I go around a curve to the right the vibration is less or goes away. When I go straight or curve to the left I feel it more. Feels like a slight grinding. Should I remove the tire and see if I hear grinding?


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Same symptoms my 04 had when the one of the bearings was going. Hadn't gotten bad enough to have any play in it yet and I couldn't hear or feel anything when rotating the tire but after I got it off I could feel a little hitch in it. The other one was smooth as silk but I replaced them both anyway.

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Hey, can you jackup the truck so that wheel os off the ground and spin the wheel by hand? If so listen for noise, try jolting the wheel side to side and up and down for play also hold some where near the hub and spin the wheel; you might feel vibration from the bearing going bad.

I would do this for both sides to see if you need both or one.

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