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any thoughts on what it could be?

hi im new to the sight my name is micah been reading and learning theres lots of helping information on here. this is my first diesel truck. i have a 2000 F350

the truck will start then die on me. sometimes just one time or a few times in a row. problem happens the most whne its been sitting a few hours or more. it has a rough idle at times and other times seams to start up run fine. check engine light is on and my air bag light is on it the passanger side on/off switch is bad. i have had it tested by 4 different scanners and both said i have no codes. one of the scanners would kill the truck when i scanned it while it was running. i have new injectors and harnesses. also new lift pump and CPS this was all put in early summer. has a new tranny and also has a edge programmer in it. any help or ideas would be great.

i took the programmer/chip out and put in a new CPS and had it tested again. still nothing showed up for codes. if i let the truck idle for a while 5-10min it will run rough, die or both. dont know where i should start any ideas

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