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antifreeze in oil

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just got my oil sample surprise to me i have antifreeze in the oil. degas bottle is not empty still has some antifreeze in it.but it is low. any ideas? truck is and 07 blue spring upgrade diamond eye exhuast and intake upgrade. bought a tuner sct but better wait until i figure this out, i also have an edge guage pack installed truck has 119000 miles just bought 7000 miles ago
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will an egr cooler put antifrezze in my oil ?
934 ppm of potassium, 116ppm of sodium. do you have to take the water pump off to check the cover?
no it doesn't say what the normal range would be, just to flush and retest at half interval. I'm putting a mark on my degas bottle to see if it goes down, right now it is about 1 inch below max.
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