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Hi all
I’ve own my 2000 Ford F-250, 7.3 power stroke since 2004 when it had just 34,000 miles. Now it has about 150,000. Still low mileage because in 2006 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. A few months later I had to quit working and I’ve been on disability. I’m can still walk.
My truck is Two wheel drive, six speed. I bought it to pull a three horse trailer, Because I used to ride a lot and take my niece to horse shows. She’s grown up now and doesn’t ride, so now I basically just drive short trips into town.

It got great mileage 27 MPG with a full horse trailer! Love my truck! Haven’t checked mileage in a long time.
Truck mostly sits outdoors in the wet climate of the Pacific Northwest. It’s gotten increasingly difficult with cold starts. Last year it broke down on the highway. Had it towed to local shop that was recommended to me.
I was told it needed new batteries and an alternator. I asked for the best, but found out later undersized batteries were installed, and it had a difficult time turning over. Then the new batteries started going dead. My radio was working on and off so I pulled it. That seemed to solve the problem. Just got two new batteries. Cold starts are still very difficult. FYI I do keep the heater block plugged in and now have a battery tickler on it.
Broke down again today on highway so had it towed to Ford Dealer tonight.

I’ve been reading posts here for several years and so as much simple maintenance as I can to save money, and I want to learn so as to avoid getting ripped off (if possible).

When it broke down I suddenly lost power, it began chugging and blowing lots of white smoke before it died. Per the post on her in the morning I’ll call and ask to check the MAT sensor. Hope it’s an easy fix and not $$$

I’ll post the results. I’m very glad to have found this forum!

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Glad to have you!

Sorry to hear about your health & truck issues.

Take a look @ the Ford Powerstroke 99-03 7.3L Forums - good info / helpful members in there.

I don't have the luck of 27mpg @ anytime, let alone pulling a load. I get 11-13 city, 10-11 pulling my 12K 5th wheel.
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