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So I’ve searched for weeks and haven’t found an answer...

I have a 2016 F-250 4x4. I did 2 inch rough country level coil spacers at 44k miles. I’m now at 69k and started having issues around 67k.

I get a crazy shake/wobble/shimmy in the steering wheel and lose control when hitting a bump on with the front left tire.

I have replaced the tie rods, drag link, track bar, track bar ball joint, stabilizer, and had it aligned multiple times. Still have the problem with no improvement. I’m at a loss... There is no play up and down or side to side in the wheel when off the ground so I ruled out the wheel bearing and ball joints...

What else could it be? It’s barely noticeable at any speed when driving straight but hit a bump with the left wheel and all hell breaks loose at speeds from 35-80mph.

I’m about at my wits end with it. Any advice is much appreciated before I throw anymore parts at it.


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