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Annoying Feedback sound/buzzing at 60+mph

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Alright folks I noticed this starting about a week ago and it seems to be getting worse.

It only happens really above 60mph occasionally but above 70mph it's frequent and will stay constant at times for 30 seconds or more. It's wind related for sure. Doesn't change pitch/tone with varying throttle position, isn't coming from the speakers, and sounds like it's coming right from the middle of the dash near the windshield.

Anyone else experienced this and if so how do I fix it? Going to get out there and try and track it down this weekend with the leaf blower aimed at the front of the truck to see if I can duplicate the buzzing.

FWIW truck has about 48k miles on her.

2011 F-250 annoying buzzing sound - YouTube
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Well the plastic valence cowl behind the hood near the windshield was actually loose just a bit apparently on the passenger side. I went out and pushed down on it and heard it snap back in place I guess. Tested it on the way home last night and no sound even at 90 so that issue is resolved! Now to track down this squeak sound from the drivers side behind the steering wheel somewhere it seems...
Mine does this as well. I will have to check the area you are talking about. I figured it was something to do with the windshield. Mind only does it above 70 and if the wind catches it just right.
Mine does this as well. Only going over 70, or if there is s good gust of wind.
I did not find anything loose, but I banged it with my fist in hopes of securing it.
I was getting a noise in the same manner. A buzzing sound like an angry bees nest around 60 mph plus. If u open the front doors you'll find a plastic piece up by pillar area. It's gets loose and needs to be pushed back in to tighten against the vehicle.
I learned that the radio antenna will whistle and vibrate at times. I was riding down a country road, with rolling hills with areas of high humidity in the low spots. Finally the light bulb came on... I realized that it would whistle when I was going through the thicker air.
Take notice if you hit fog, it really does it. I poked a Styrofoam ball on top of the antenna temporarily to see if it was actually what was causing it. It was.

The bad thing was that the noise sounded like it was coming from inside the truck. It made it very hard to figure out.
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