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Air Assault!!
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This is a 2006 F350 6.0L-Air Raid-5" Exhaust-BullyDog (I know, but he wont listen)

So dad went to drive his truck to work a week or so ago and something didn't see quite right. it was idling rough and then it would die. It would start back up but if he tried to give it any kind of acceleration it would shudder and occasionally blow black smoke.

Since he was right down the street he limped it back to the house and took the bike to work. He wasn't real sure what the issue was and he said it had an odd whirring noise if revved up and then it would stall (automatic). He towed it to the dealer where they told him to break out the billfold and lay down 17,000 as the motor was done for. They stated that LP Oil pump went.

So he decided to tow the truck back home and ordered the from plate and the gears for the LP oil pump to try and see if it was salvageable. When he removed the drain plug for the oil he found coolant in his oil. So now he is wondering if the issues were due to the 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon of coolant in his oil pan.

So he hasn't removed the front plate yet but am i correct in thinking the only two places that the coolant and oil could mix (provided the block isnt cracked) would be the Oil Cooler or the head gaskets? He had just changed the oil approx 1-2 weeks prior so for that much coolant to get into the oil and not blow a ton of white smoke that tells me that its probably the Oil cooler right?

Please correct me if Im wrong.

He already has an ERG delete system put in but i told him that if it is indeed his oil cooler than we need to go ahead and do it all.

I'm thinking:

Stand pipes and dummy plugs
Oil Cooler and screens
OEM gaskets
ARP Studs (heads will be sent to machine shop)
STC Fitting
Water Pump
EGR Delete
Coolant filter
4 Glow plugs (he has one out and has already bought all four for that side and the harness)

Anything I'm missing?

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If it were the oil cooler you would have oil in the degas bottle. If your low pressure oilpump ate thru the front cover it may have caused a crack running into a coolant passage or you have a cracked head or head gasket.
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