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Alright guys,

I want to start up this thread and hopefully this can be where any questions or discussion can be brought.

Let me introduce you to the EZLynk AutoAgent.

This is the future of tuning! Currently available for the Ford 6.7 only, this will be available for 10 - 16 Cummins and 11 - 16 Duramax' soon. This device will allow on the fly changes between tunes with the swipe of your finger. The phone app currently available for the IOS allows you to configure your gauges as you want them.

Plug this device into your truck and fire up the app and bam, your truck will be recognized and tunes applied through the wifi and the cloud. No more waiting on a device to shipped or a tune to be emailed!

Ever had a problem with something in your truck and wish a tech could look at it live while it was happening and never step foot in the mechanics or tuners shop?

This is huge, I can't tell you how many times someone has called me asking what is this code and my truck is doing this or that. It's so hard to do anything over the phone. This will be so great for so many things!

If anyone has a question, or a comment, Shoot me a PM or mrmanners or bigoldog.

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EZLynk Questions & Answers

1.What can you tune with the EZLynk AutoAgent?
a.The AutoAgent will first tune the 11-16 Ford Powerstroke with shift on the fly capabilities. (Duramax then Cummins to follow with no ETA) the Duramax will not have shift on the fly tuning. On the Cummins the AutoAgent will unlock the PCM and people will no longer need the Bully Dog.

2.The ordering process doesn't ask for a VIN. I know it recognizes the VIN from your system but how does it know the setup of the truck, say emissions deleted?
a.It sends multiple tunes – customer chooses tunes

3.For trucks that are built beyond a delete, how does the system setup for that? Do we need to provide you more information in the order? Right now it doesn't ask for anything beyond the tuning question. a.We are going to have another tuning option on there. Such as level 1,2,3 more than likely – haven’t decided yet

4.How do you plan to conduct Ford Beta?
a.No beta – going on full public. If there are any issues with device there is a number to: Tech it” to call.

5.When can we expect an android app?
a.Within 6 months.

6.So once the tunes are downloaded to the app, a connection to the cloud is no longer required right? So a Wi-Fi connection in the driveway is all that is needed OR do you need continuous connectivity to the cloud?
a.Once tunes are downloaded – cloud is not needed anymore unless customer wants new tuning or wants to send data logs.

7.Will need instructions for data logging and getting them back to you.
a.App has instructions/tutorials in it. We plan on making some videos as well.

8.When do you expect to release beta for Cummins and Duramax?
a.No ETA for cummins and Duramax. Wild guess would be Duramax by end of this year and cummins next year.

9.If you remove the EZLynk does it lock it somehow to that vehicle?
a.If they remove EZLynk they can use it on another with new tune purchase.

10.Does a customer who is currently running H&S or SCT need to return their truck to stock before installing the Auto Agent? a.It doesn’t matter

11. Can you add universal sensors like EGT probes to the EZLynk?
a.Not yet – but it will in the future.

12.Can I use my IPod or ITouch with the EZLynk AutoAgent?
a.All Apple iOS products will work with the AutoAgent. (iPod and iPad’s with data plans or WIFI work the same as your phone)

13.If my phone battery dies during a flash what happens?
a.If during the flash process your phone dies or you receive a phone call the flash will pause and when your phone turns back on or the phone call end the device will continue flashing. If you unplug the AutoAgent during the flash process it will kill your ECU.

14.How difficult is EZLynk AutoAgent to install?
a.Installing the AutoAgent is as easy as connecting your smart phone to your AutoAgent with a Wi-Fi connection. The AutoAgent will then connect to the EZ LYNK Cloud and it will search for the trucks profile. Once the profile has been found (this process is instant) it will begin flashing. Once flashed you will be able to make selections to the truck about what HP level or if it emissions deleted or emissions present, tire size... etc.

15.Can I use the EZLynk AutoAgent on more than one truck?
a.he Auto Agent can tune truck after truck as long as your purchase another tune for the next truck that you are tuning. It doesn’t have a limit to how many it can tune.

16.What are the hp levels for the Ford tunes?
a.Stock b.35HP c.50HP d.65 HP e.100HP f.135HP g.150HP h.200HP

17.Do you require a wired switch to shift on the fly between tunes?
a.No switch is required. You can change tunes by swiping between them on your app.

18. When someone has a bigger turbo, twins, injectors and/or different pumps how does the app recognize that and still provide the right tunes?
a.Yes you will enter the information about your truck and the right tunes will automatically be available for you.

19.Will AutoAgent tunes affect Factory exhaust brakes?
a.EZLynk AutoAgent has no affect to factory exhaust brake.

20.Will tuning be available for transmissions?
a.Yes, the Ford tuning coming out first will have transmission tuning.

21.When will the EZLynk AutoAgent Ford tuning be available for the 2017 Powerstrokes?
a.Yes, the 17 Powerstrokes will be supported once it has been mapped out.

22.Will the EZLynk AutoAgent work with the Ford F450/F550?
a.Yes, however tunes are not available yet.

23.Can single truck be controlled by two different phones, i.e., husband and wife both have autoagent on their phones?
a.Yes, it goes strictly off account.

Have a question you don't see an answer for? Please let us know. The EZLynk AutoAgent is the future for custom tuning.
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