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Truck: 2000 (mfd 12/99) Ex 7.3 4x4 with 230k miles
Tires: 315/75r16 on pacer wheels, passenger front has severe, uneven cupping diagonally across the tread.
Suspension: ~5" unknown lift, no rear swaybar, all bushings are rotted to various degrees, dampers are toast -- or worse.
Drivetrain: Standard prop shaft up front, "Type A" driveshaft w/o the cardan out back, 3.73 rear end. (D60/Sterling)

Issue 1: The forward, starboard tire has major diagonal cupping. I get steering wheel and seat vibration at about 70 so I'm certain all the tires are out of balance. But, only the one tire is irregularly worn. My go-to would be a bad wheel bearing, or worn out ball joints.

Issue 2: I get a pretty wild mystery seat vibration at ~50mph. I'm thinking that since it's 'seat of the pants' and seems to occur from about 45 to 55mph it's probably driveshaft related. I doubt the pinion angle was set when this thing was lifted, and at 230k the u-joints and center support bearing should probably be replaced. Could it be a broken/worn motor or transmission mount? It doesn't seem to be related to engine speed, only vehicle speed.

Everything that's worn out will be replaced ... but I'd like y'alls opinions on what the most urgent issue is.

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