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Just installed kc 68mm turbo,, reg return,, fass fuel system, sump,, 190 warren injectors,, new high flow up pipes.. When test driving I have no boost..wot I'm hitting like 20 with my foot almost to the black smoke...but I hear air like a compressor is blowing like right under the the drivers side wheel well area every time I get into it or let off the throttle... i did notice I had two loose exhaust manifold bolts. I tightened them down cylinder 6 and 8... and there is some black soot around those two ports. Do you think this could be my boost problem? Engine flutters when coming to a stop as getting 60 psi at my return and 65 at the pump. All cac tubes are torqued and tight too. Up pipe has been thoroughly inspected and is seated perfectly as is the down pipe. I have new sensors and my pids look good aside from vgt at 85 at idle and upper 70s to 80 under normal acceleration.
1) Is it possible that you have some air in the system? Did you bleed the air all out completely? Might not hurt to do it again?

2) The hissing reminds me of a HP leak I had under a valve cover...

3). That is a whole BUNCH of changes all at once to any engine— much less the finicky Powerstroke. Did you drain the ‘muscle memory’ from the truck? When I replaced all of my injectors and bunches of senors— I was watching a YouTube vid where one of the mechanics drained the stored memory— wiped it out in order to RE-CALIBRATE itself through several natural drive cycles. Just an idea if you haven’t already...

4) I am personally not a mechanic —but no boost or 6.0 on a brand new turbo “sounds like”—- one or more injectors— wiring or connecting to Oil Rails? — this would explain the hissing for sure— as that is what is sounds like when you don’t have an injector sealing against oil rail. VGT wiring? — and not opening up properly?

hope this jogs your memory some— hopefully she will throw you some codes on your scanner to give you a clue— sadly you might have to gingerly drive her a bit to kick those out to your reader—- unless you just take her to a mechanic— and be done with the GUESSING GAME!! ;).
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