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Air Intake

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Howdy y’all, I’ve got a 97 F250. I’ve recently started getting under the hood and am trying to figure out what I should upgrade to make this thing hit the million mile marker (I’m currently at 398k and counting)!
The reason I actually went looking for a forum, and found this one, is because I noticed that the air filter housing has what appears to be some sort of connection to another piece that extends over the battery. I have yet to find anything conclusive, but it seems to me that the missing piece is a “snorkel” of some kind. If what I’ve concluded is correct, it dips down behind the grill to gather more air flow. Does anyone know for certain what I’m speaking of and/or the part, and where to find it? Thank y’all!
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It's been discontinued and we actually called it the snorkel back in the first days of Powerstroke forums. It's F5TZ-9C675-A according to Ford, but the one on my 97 has F5TA-9C675-AC on it (I actually found 3 on searching on ebay with that number). Cheers!
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