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Agressive tires that can take a beating on the asphalt

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looking for a mt or at that can take fast turns and high speeds well with good tread life. ive been looking at terra grappler and trail grappler fierce attitude mt cooper stt.

i have bfg all terrain and the tread is tall and skinny and bends and flexs on sharp turns

thanks for the help:icon_ford::icon_ford::icon_ford:
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Have you checked out the Cooper ST (yes that is ONE T) it is listed as an at but leans really hard to the Mt side. At least in my opinion. I had a set on a F150 that lasted for years, and now have a set on my big truck with about 7K on them. No real ware to speak of either. Tire is heavy though.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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