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Here is the whole story;

Since I purchased my truck I have not been satisfied with the power steering. While the truck was moving I could not turn the wheel with "One Finger" it took moderate effort with one hand to turn the steering wheel. If I was stopped in park with or without the brakes apllied i had no power steering. I mean "no power steering" unable to turn the steering wheel with both hands. Within a month of purchasing the truck the high pressure hose from the pump to the hydroboost blew, the pump ran empty for about 1 minute before I stopped. The power steering was the same before and after this happened.

Over the last 2 years I have noticed my power steering slowly getting worse and worse. It took more and more effort to turn the steering wheel at all times, still no stopped power steering. About a month ago my power steering pump started to make some noise. I checked the pulley then flushed and refilled the pump with new fluid. Still making a noise. NOSIE + CRAPPY STEERING= NEW PUMP

After lots of reasearch and talking to several guys who build rock cralwers I decided to purchase an AGR super pump. It states " this pump develops 1500 psi and 4 gpm providing a substantial increase over the oem specifications, providing increased turning force and improved steering reaction."

That sounded great to me! I ordered one from Summit Racing, it arrived in good time along with 2 quarts of Redline sythetic powersteering fluid that AGR recommended in their instructions. Upon opening the box I was terribly dissapointed at the pump. The reservoir had several very large dents one of which lookes like it creased causing a pin hole. The pump looked like it had ben kicked across a the street. This damage occured before it was boxed from the factory, it was not caused by handling or shipping. I took several pictures and emailed AGR, they apologized and said to return it for a replacement. Summit quickly sent me a replacement pump, unfortunately this one did not look much better, but it at least didnt have a hole in it. I prayed it would perform much better than it looked.

I removed my old pump and cut the bracket as explained in the instructions. Installed the new pump and noticed a very discouraging thing. The arrangement of the return fittings on the new pump sat directly against my intercooler pipe. Making it impossible to reconnect the hoses. The instruction did say you may have to reroute the hoses, but I surely couldnt cut a hole out of the intercooler pipe. I removed the entire assembly again, and had to very gently try to bend the stainless tubing. this was a huge pain!!!! Finally after an hour and installing and removing thwe pump I had the ports in an area I woul be able to connect the hoses. Unfortunately one of the hoses was too short. Ran to Napa grabbed a new hose and after a heck of a battle finally got the 2 return lines hooked up.

Now the last hose, as the day went, that hose would not work. The old pump connected at the side the new pump connected in the back. The hose had a section of steel with 2 beds in it. There was no way to reconnect the hose without bending the steel tubing. After several minutes at attemping to bend the tubing it cracked before it was at the right angle. Another trip for parts!!! I did not want to just get a replacement since it would have the same problem so I starting looking thru parts. The local hose shop coul not build me a hose since the ends were Ford specific threads. No one made a hose that had the right angle end on it. Finally I found that a 97 PSD hose had the right angle on the pump end but a different fitting on the hydroboost end. So I took the hose to a hydraulic hose company that cut the pump end of the new 97 PSD hose added a flare fitting, then cut the hydroboost fitting off the original hose add a female flare. Now I had a hose that would work but I had to add 2 joints and a flare fitting. I was not happy at all the extra places that a leak could develop but I had no other way to do it.

So far this has not been a pleasant upgrade!!!!

Finally 7 hours laterthe pump is installed, all hoses connected and the system is bled as per instructions. Start up and take a test drive. The strange noise is gone, I now have "One finger" turning while moving. My heart is pounding I am getting ready for the final test. Stop put the truck in park............ NO POWER STEERING AT IDLE:doh::dunno::doh::banghead::banging:


After several minutes of words that I cant repeat I am almost back to square one. I will admit I can feel a difference while driving but still no power steering stopped just plains SUCKS!
I guess the only way I will get the steering I want is to bite the bullet and pay another $850.00 to get the upgraded power steering box and hydraulic ram.

Sorry for the long rant but I am disgusted to say the least, from the second I opened the box this AGR super pump has been a pain in the A**
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