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Aftermarket Fuel Filter

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Duramax has the Nictane System along with 1-2 micron filters to keep the fuel good and clean between the tank and the CP3 pump; what (if any) system exists for the 6.0 PSD? I have a friend running the Nicktane on his 2007 Duramax and it keeps his fuel good and clean; changes about every 8K miles.

In this time of rising fuel costs, the temptation is out there to "water down" the fuel with other crap to increase volume (and profits) so I don't want any contaminated or suspect fuel to ruin my investment.

Anybody running any aux fuel filter systems and wouldn't mind sharing the info? And yes, I did searches on fuel filter and auxiliary fuel filters with little luck.

Huntsville, AL
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probably little luck because the 6.0's shouldn't be skimped on when it comes to fuel filters. racor only. or pay for the international or motorcraft name. Of course, you could get a fass and that will really help out.
There's a couple way to do it.

ITP Diesel has a pre-pump fuel kit for the 7.3 that will work with the 6.0. Kit is here: ITP 7.3L Fuel Tank / Pre-Pump Kit If you like this route, call or e-mail Dennis (the owner) and I'm sure he could sell you a pre-pump kit without the 7.3-unique fuel tank mods.

Another way is to put together your own kit for about $110-$120. Here's one writeup on how I did mine. As you can see, the biggest cost is the fuel injection hose (SAE 30R9) that is compatible with bidodiesel, which was important to me.

The ITP kit uses Baldwin fuel filters, I put Wix/Napa, both have are fuel water separators (another thing important to me) and both come with drains; both have the 1"-14 threads so both will work with either the head from Wix/Napa/Fleetfilter or the ITP Diesel Baldwin head.

Along with the fuel water separator between my aux fuel tank, the pre-pump fuel water separator filter plus the two OEM fuel filters, I have four fuel filters on my PSD. I think I get pretty clean fuel to my engine.

Good luck.

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