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Affordable lift blocks

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Hey all, with the price of steel and lift blocks I figured I would just make my own.

I drilled locating holes in top and put some strong lag bolts in the bottom for the head to locate on the spring pad

You can see I cut them long for extra stability so it should be fine I think?
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Putting in the ubolts and plates soon, let me know if I should make any other improvements while I am at it.

Also, I think it was just #2 pine or whatever HD has. Should I have gotten like #1 or maybe prime?
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You fabbed those? Looks like PMF gear. Hey, people say it works o_O
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You can also take a look here, where it shows "maximum shear stress" in a chassis frame, top of page 3, left side. That colored area where the flange and web meet is where it is smart to minimize welding or holes.
Neat link dude. That was an informative read. Appreciate it when people posts good resource links when posting.
Love the PMF line
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