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Affordable lift blocks

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Hey all, with the price of steel and lift blocks I figured I would just make my own.

I drilled locating holes in top and put some strong lag bolts in the bottom for the head to locate on the spring pad

You can see I cut them long for extra stability so it should be fine I think?
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Putting in the ubolts and plates soon, let me know if I should make any other improvements while I am at it.

Also, I think it was just #2 pine or whatever HD has. Should I have gotten like #1 or maybe prime?
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Lift blocks too expensive? This is a joke right?
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Why use any metal? Just do this.

I think "duct" tape or flex seal would be a better chouce in your build.
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Now I look forward to all the comments on frame welding. :rolleyes:

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