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Hi from Downunder,
I have a 2003 F250 4x4 Supercab with the 7.3L engine and I am looking to buy some aftermarket wheels and tyres form the US.

The wheels I am interested in are 22"x9.5" Panther Juice 8.
I am asking for your opinion on the tyre choice for this wheel. The followiung points are of concern
(1) I need to make sure of course that the load rating of any tyre matches or exceeds the gross axle mass as the coppers are hot on that here;
(2) What offset on the wheel is going to make sure that I don't not scrape on anything under the vehicle; and
(3) So that the speedo is not unduly affected, the rolling diameter of the tyre needs to be as close to factory as possible.

If there any suppliers that support this site who might be interested in providing a costing then please do so.
I am looking for 5 wheels and tyres with lock nuts. Shipping would be to Long Beach in California to an importers agent there.

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

PS. Diesel prices here are $1.86 (AUD) P/Litre that's close enough to $ 6.50 USD a gallon. If it keeps going at this rate we will have have difficult decisions to make.
Cheers for now.
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