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First hello 7.3 people.

Been lurking and studying a while now and a few things I can't find. First where's the acronym legend? I'm 20 year's AF retired so accustomed to them but many of the ones used here go right by me. Second is there a place for baseline info? Has anyone dyno'd there stock 03 auto dually? What's actually getting to the pavement?


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Thank you half the time Im still trying to figure out what the heck their not talking about!

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Here's a basic list I have:

4x2 Two Wheel Drive
4R100 auto tranny on SuperDuty trucks 99+
4x4 Four Wheel Drive
4X4L Four by Four Low
ABS Antilock Braking System
AC Air Conditioning
ACC - Accessory Position of ignition key
ACC Air Conditioning Clutch
AIC Auxiliary Idle Control (see APCM)
APCM Auxiliary Powertrain Control Module(FORD's name for AIC)
AP Accelerator Position
APS Accelerator Position Sensor
ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid
BARO Barometric Pressure Sensor
BOO Brake On/Off
CC Crew Cab (4 door)
CDR Crankcase Depression Regulator
CLV - Calculated Load Valve
CPS Cam Positioning Sensor
CCV Crank Case Ventilation
DI Direct Injection
DLC Data Link Connector(OBD connection)
DRL Daytime Running Lights
DRW Dual Rear Wheels, dually, Dooley
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code
DVOM/DVM Digital Volt-Ohm Meter/Digital Volt Meter
E4OD auto tranny on pre-'99 Ford heavy pickups
EB Exhaust Brake
EBP Exhaust Back Pressure
EBPR/EPR Exhaust Back Pressure regulator
EBPS exhaust back pressure sensor
EBV/EBPV Exhaust Backpressure Valve
ECM - Engine Control Module
ECT Engine Coolant Temperature
EEC(M) Electronic Engine Control (Module)
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature
EOT Engine Oil Temperature
EOP Engine Oil Pressure
ESOF Electronic Shift On-The Fly
ESP Extended Service Plan
FICM Fuel Injector Control Module (6.0 term for IDM)
FIPW Fuel Injection Pulse Width
GAWR Gross Axle Weight Rating
GCWR Gross Combined Weight Rating
GEM Generic Electronic Module
GP Glow Plug
GPC Glow Plug Controller
GPR Glow Plug Relay
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight
GW Gross Weight
HEUI Hydraulic-actuated Electronically-controlled Unit Injector
HPOP High Pressure Oil Pump
HPX or H/X - High Pressure oil crossover mod that connects the two HP oil rails together
IAT Intake Air Temperature
ICP Injection Control Pressure
ICPR Injection Control Pressure Regulator
IDI In Direct Injection
IDM Injector Driver Module
IPR Injection Pressure Regulator
IVS Idle Validation Switch
KOEO Key On Engine Off
KOER Key On Engine Running
LB Long Bed
LS Limited Slip
LWB Long Wheel Base
MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor
MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
MIL Malfunction Indicator Lamp
NGS New Generation Star (Ford vehicle diagnostic scan tool)
OASIS On-line Automotive Service Information System
OBD On Board Diagnostics
OD Over Drive
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OTC Overhead Trip Computer
PATS Passive Anti-Theft System
PBA Parking Brake Applied
PCED Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis service manuel
PCM Powertrain Control Module
PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PDL Power Door Locks
PM Power mirrors
PS Power Steering / Power Stroke
PSD Power Stroke Diesel
PTO Power Take Off
PW Power Windows
PWM Pulse Width Modulation
RABS Rear Anti Brake System
RC Regular Cab
SB Short Bed
SC Super Cab (extended cab)
SD Super Duty
SRS Supplemental Restraint System (air bags)
SRW Single Rear Wheel
SWB Short Wheel Base
TC Torque Converter or Transfer Case
TCC Torque Converter Clutch
TCIL Transmission Control Indicator Light (OD off)
TCM Transmission Control Module (new for 6.0)
TCS Transmission Control Switch (OD off Button)
TFT Transmission Fluid Temperature
TPS Throttle Position Sensor
TSB Technical Service Bulletin
VIN Vehicle IdentNumberification
VREF Voltage Reference
VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor
WOT Wide Open Throttle
ZF Some Crazy German hand-shaker Transmission

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Thanks noralph but what does this mean? Forged SN#, pmrs, 6637, WW, hpx, FTVB, casserly, 180/100, RR, turbo

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Thanks noralph but what does this mean? Forged SN#, pmrs, 6637, WW, hpx, FTVB, casserly, 180/100, RR, turbo
PMRs= power metal connecting rods, started to show up in 2001 through 2003 7.3 PSD as apposed to the forged (stronger) rods the 94.5-01s came with.
6637 = Is the part number of the Wix/Napa 6637 air filter, which comes off a large Cummins application. Similar to the Big Honkin Air filter (BHAF) in the Cummins World, bigger filter, more flow (can support over 400rwhp) and better filtration
WW = Wicked Wheel, a turbo impeller upgrade to help the stock GTP38 turbo deal with turbo surge.
HPX = High pressure cross over, it is an aftermarket line that connects to two plug oil pressure rails in the head of the engine. Helps smooth it out a bit and combat romping.
FTVB = factory tech valve body, a transmission upgrade
Casserly = injector shop
180/100 = 180 cc flow rate injectors running at 100% over stock nozzle size (I think)
RR= regulated return, it is modifying the stock (deadhead) 7.3 fuel system to allow fuel to return from the factory fuel rails to the tank with the pressure controlled by an external regulator instead of the return on on the fuel filter bowl.
Turbo = turbocharger

Probably not the best descriptions but should give you the idea.

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Oh yeah thanks for your service and :ORG welcome:

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Those look like good answers to me! (I just "spliced" them into my list for next time... ;) )

I'm gonna guess

Forged (as opposed to cast or pmr) has to do with connecting rods you're reading about

SN# is Serial Number

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I have a feeling this is from my sig hahaha. yeah forged sn# with pmrs... My block has the serial number to have forged rods yet I got shafted and have powdered metal rods.
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