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I got into a weird problem when trying to install a pedal commander on my truck today.

Long story short, I had went outside to install the pedal commander. I went and located the wire harness that plugs into the Accelerator position sensor on the actual pedal attached to this box right above the pedal.
I was pulling on the harness, and ended up taking out the whole plastic fin inside of the little box above the pedal.
No tabs or anything broke. I reinstalled the plastic piece attached to the housing where the harness attaches to, and tried again.
This time, the plastic fin that goes into the box above the pedal stayed inside and a circuit board came out.
Keep in mind, nothing at this point has been disconnected at all. after seeing the circuit board I slipped it back into the housing, and just put everything back, without installing the pedal commander.
I go and start my truck, just for a bunch of warning signs related to the accelerator to pop up (Traction, see manual, hill assist, advancetrac fault, low power fault, and zero throttle response when pushing the pedal).
Its as if the pedal is completely disconnected and didn't reconnect.

The truck starts to rev itself and holds itself at 1100 RPM. Also when I press the brakes, it drop to normal idling RPM.

I did not disconnect the battery prior to doing this, which I should have.
Any idea what's going on?
I just ordered a Accelerator pedal assembly from Ford.
I was told that you have to replace the entire assembly since Ford calibrates is from the factory.
This is a 2019 F250 lariat.


Doesnt that pedal commander come with a mobile app?

If it does, maybe start looking into that...possible you missed a step or maybe there is a pinched wire or wire to ground.

An unusual problem for sure. Keep us posted.
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