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I noticed a small leak at the high pressure hose coming off the compressor a year back and I think it is finally depleting the system enough to affect the performance.

Since I use the truck for towing (and daily driver) I want to do it right. I will have my friend evacuate the system for me since it still works and once together pull the vacuum and recharge it.

What I experienced was a loss of cold air after a LONG pull on a 105* day ( 1st time ever this happened). The cold air returned after the ECT dropped ( from 210 to 200) and I drove for a few miles on flat road.....this happened several times and it was pretty dang miserable in the truck.

At a minimum I want to do the compressor, all associated lines and possibly the switches, but I haven't decided yet and could use some advice on all parts I should consider changing as to start fresh.

** Is there a vendor on here that you guys can recommend? I'd like to give them the business*****

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