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Got a question for the experts here on the board. 2 days ago I go out to start the Ex after it was plugged in all night, ABS light comes on and stays on. Drove the truck maybe 100 feet and it goes out. This has happened every time I start it over the last couple of days, doesnt seem to matter it block heater is plugged in or not. The radio has also started to cut out for about 3-5 seconds and comes back on after. I have had the radio not come on for several minutes before in the past, almost like the truck had to warm up a little bit but it has been fine here lately. Temps here in MD have been in the low teens with wind chills in the negatives. Could the weather have anything to do with this?
Other than this the truck has been a little hard to start recently. Even with the block heater plugged in all night I have to crank the truck sometimes 3-4 times for what seems like a long crank cycle to me, I would guess anywhere from 6-10 seconds before it will finally start. Once it starts it has a very rough idle for 3-5 seconds and straightens up and acts fine. No DTC codes on my Livewire TS. I was thinking injector possibly. Last time I had a bad injector the rough idle was a lot worse than this.
Any and all help or inputs would be greatly appreciated
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