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About to buy exhaust need help!

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Hey guys im about to buy an exhaust kit on my 07 f250 cc sb and cant decide weather i want a 4" or 5" turbo back. Reguardless on what kind im getting i will get no cat no muffler. I want the loudest and deepest tone possible and wanted to see what you guys thought would be best. i have heard that a 5" exhaust have somewhat of a "hallow" tone is this true? Thanks in advance
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You will get many opinions on this, however mine is such that why would you pay more for such a small difference. My 4" system is just as loud as the next guys and if you don't have a 5" system side by side to compare I don't think you can tell the difference.
imo the 5" w/ no cat and no muffler is sick. i did one for a guy a while back and had it exit before the rear tire. it wistled so loud at idle it was hard to talk. it had a really nice deep tone once he got on it though. crusing down the road it wistles really nice. imo i don't think you'll be happy w/ the 4" straight piped if you want it as loud as possible.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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