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Hey all, my wife has a 2002 Ford Escort ZX2. It's got a 2.0 "Z-Tec" engine in it and it's a DOHC engine. I'm not sure about her engine but I've had V-8's that have hydraulic lifters and the lifters start tapping. A weak lifter usually will tap and then when you spike the oil pressure by revving up the engine quickly it will pump up with oil and quiet down for awhile. Well, her car is doing this but I didn't think DOHC engines had lifters, do they? I've never been into one. It's steadily gotten louder over the last two weeks. Last night it was a very pronounced tapping sound. I revved it up good and it quit, but about 15 mins later it was doing it again. I changed the oil and it didn't help. Any ideas? The engine runs perfectly, good power and economy, just this annoying tapping sound. Thanks.
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