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We’d like to let you know about a new feature we’ve added to the For Sale & Wanted Items – Members Only section.
IF you post an item for Sale, the OP now has the ability to close the thread when that item(s) sells. This feature exists only in this section and only for the OP.

Here’s how:
In the top nav bar of the individual thread, there is a link called “Thread Tools.” Drop down the menu, click on “Close Thread” and then click on “Perform Action” at the bottom of the menu. By doing it this way, we give you, the OP, control of your thread. Closing your thread will let others, who may be interested in your item(s), that it is sold. They won’t need to read the entire posting to see that at the end.

So…with this new feature, please remember - when posting a sale item, be sure to follow up when your item(s) sells.
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