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I've been lurking around for two weeks waiting to buy an EX. This is a great site. I picked up a bone stock 02 4x4 XLT today with 90,000 miles (it was hard finding one without leather) for what I think was a pretty good deal. The trans shifts very good (short, quick, crisp shifts) and it runs flawlessly (I had to drive it 300 miles home). From judging by the interior and the reciever hitch, I think this was a family ride that didn't do a lot of towing. Of course I have a list of mods, nothing crazy, just improvements for reliability and efficiency (I understand it's a 7,000lb brick and there is a limit to the efficiency).

The drain plug appears to be leaking. Does this have a sealing washer that maybe wasn't replaced when it was suppose to?

Is there suppose to be a hold down for the jack? It was under the cover with the rear AC unit but there was no hold down so I took it out (I don't want a punctured line).

How do you replace a cracked spot mirror? I'm not interested in adding the turn signal mirrors, I just want to replace the spot mirror.

The "lie o meter" said I got 16.3mpg @ 70mph & 2000rpm on the way home (Lubbock to McGregor, Tx - quite a few hills in between Abilene and Hamilton). I know I need to hand calculate it but one pump cut me off at $50 and another at $99 so I didn't completly fill up). Is this about normal? I already planned on replacing the CPS, is there any thing else I need to look at that might need tightening or replacing?

Also, the "lie o meter" was 180deg off on the compass. This is no big deal but is there a way to get it to read correctly?

Soon as I get new tires, change all fluids and filters, completly flush the tranny lines, and a new fan belt, I plan on getting gages, valve body (John Wood or Factory Tech), deep trans pan, and an AIS with AFE torque tube and Zoodad (who named that?). That's just the beginning and I'm sure I'll have more questions. I've rebuilt motors before but this is my first diesel. Is there anything else that needs immediate attention that I may not know about? I know the trans is the weak link and will get a 6.0 cooler as soon as I can afford one.

Sorry about the book, thanks for the site,

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