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99 F250 Electrical Issues

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So I have a 1999 Ford F250 Superduty with 2 batteries. It has the 7.3 of course. I'm having an electrical issue. I have 2 brand new batteries and a brand new alternator but I keep walking out to dead batteries. About a week ago I was driving and I heard a loud "pop" that sounded like it came from down under the dash but I couldn't find anything. After that I hadn't notice anything but then the truck started hesitating starting a little and then this morning it was dead. I have a new alternator and 2 new batteries so i'm confused. Nothing was left on, all lights were off. When I came back to the truck this afternoon there was a clicking coming from the fuse box underneath the dash. I know it had been previously replaced. So i'm basically stuck, I have no idea what it could be.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Gahhh seems like i'm fixing or repairing daily
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So I went to the auto parts store, my alternator was still good. So what i'm wondering is... Now my truck is fully charged. It will probably stay fully charged for a couple of weeks until the battery slowly starts dying again until eventually it wont crank and both are dead. I do have an air ride suspension. If I take a circuit tester (just one of those things that lightup) and disconnect both batteries, and put one end of the circuit tester to the positive of a disconnected battery and one to the positive wire of the truck the light should not come on unless there is amp draw somewhere... correct?
I'm thinking my air-ride suspension is ****ing with me. Damn that thing is a pain in the ***.
Well I came back to dead batteries this morning again. I'm not too sure of what it could be. When I put one end of circuit tester on the positive terminal of a battery and put the other end on the positive end of the bag draw wire it lights up. I'm not sure. I'm wondering what the loud pop could've been in the electrical system because I think this is all tied together.
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