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I have a 99 7.3, it is stock No chips/Mods. Starts/drives OK when cold, will drive for 10-15 minutes perfectly fine then pow. Fuel filter was replaced recently. Oil is not excessively out of mileage. It started One day on my way home from work I stopped at the grocery store (and everything was fine at this point), when I got back in and started it up it idled rough, and when you accelerate there is a shudder/miss/chug. So far, I have pulled valve covers and nothing looks wrong with the UVCH connectors/wires at a glance, I unplugged ICP and I can't say that it ran better, Possibly worse (plug was wet and I know it needs replaced asap). I have Torque and I was getting active readings from ICP at 500-800Psi at idle, I forget IPR values. I connected a regular auto fuel pressure tester to see idle PSI, it was reading 63psi (is that a little high?)

But check this out...

I did place a AIR fitting adapter into the ICP and connected the air supply and listened for leaks and I could hear bubbling in what sounded like the fuel bowl,and sounded like it was in the heads, I used a stethascope to listen but It was hard to hear where exactly it was coming from but the bubbling definitely sounded like it was in the fuel bowl. Does the HPOP have to be deadheaded for this to work? It almost makes me think an injector o-ring blew/tore, I have to still pull the fuel filter and see if its black but I want to go in there with some ammunition so I can do more checks as I rarely have time to go over to where it is and mess with it. Im almost at the point where I am going to limp to ford and get a injector buzz/cont test done but I have very little funds. Another thing, I was going to just buy new UVCH wires, but I have a feeling its not that. It's something to do with the engine being WARM.

Should I pull the IPR also? It looks like a real bastard to get to.

When its missing, it sounds like the driver's side has more of a noisier combustion back where #8 is but I could be losing it. My brother said he noticed smoke from the tailpipe when I pulled away a week ago, I dont currently drive it as I need to fix it to be usable.

ANY information is appreciated. I have searched the forums for quite a while, as well as google, youtube etc. It seems like an inconsistant answer as to what was the cause.

I need to check:

HPOP has oil in case.
IPR - but have no idea what yields a good or bad one (Torque was getting live data from it)
Remove fuel cap, repeat air test.
Re-remove D-valve cover and listen for leaks.

Am I going about this wrong? it just definitely has something to do with being at ROT (Running operating temp) you can romp it real good within the first 10 minutes.

ALSO, i just remembered. After I did the air test and started it up and let it warm up, it was behaving worse than before.
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