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I was heading out of town with my truck running fine and just got going with it running smooth and fine. About a mile from my house it started sputtering like a car that has water in the distributor cap or a carb that is causing a gas motor to caugh and choke and try to die with the SES light coming and staying on. I pulled over and had to constantly munipulate the throttle and brake to get turned around to get it back home. It bearly ran and I had to turn my chip all the way up to make sure it got enough fuel to get me home. I got home..shut it off and waited for a minute and started it again with it running better for a second and then the SES light came back on and it started to run even worse. The next day with leaving it plugged in over night it started up and ran horrible and then died and wouldn't start back up at all. I put a scan tool on it and these are the codes I recieved:

P0605 PCM ROM test fault
P0470 EBP Sensor Circuit Malfuntion
P1294 Highside Open No. 2 (LH)

When I crank it over all kinds of white will come bellowing out and it cranks over strong and gets stronger as it cranks. I checked the fuses on the truck and they are all fine. I also checked the HPOP oil level and it is around an 1-1.5 inches from the top.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!
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