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I've gotten so much from this forum reading other people's posts I thought I'd give back a little.

I just finished a series of fixes / upgrades to my 2003 Powerstroke Diesel Van. If you have a van and have questions on these mods PM me or feel free to respond to this thread.

It's a Cargo E-350, I use it as a 2nd vehicle for errands, towing, hauling stuff around.

I blew a HPOP oil line while fully loaded and towing the Jeep... that was so inconvenient I decided to roll up my sleeves and dig in.

HPOP lines were the first replacement item, I got 2 new lines from DieselOrings . I took the turbo / pedestal off to get better access and while at it inspected / cleaned up the rest of the area. Turbo checked out OK, installed new O-rings from dieselorings. I didn't rebuild bowl / HPOP because I didn't want to create more problems than I was fixing.

While at it I saw that my exhaust up-tubes (manifold to collector) were shot (from the gasket rub), so I installed the IH Bellows upgrade the upgrade . I wrapped them with thermal wrap to keep the temperature cooler in the doghouse.

I replaced the passenger side low pressure fuel supply line because that was rusted. I suggest everyone check these occassionally!

I followed that up by ordering a FSx kit (riffraff) that I needed to modify slightly with a 90 degree elbow on the passenger side feed line to fit (1/8 NPT from hope depot). The van has intake going above that area. This seemed to help reduce "cackle"

now I was hooked....

A DP-Tuner "F5" was ordered with econ, tow, and power modes, they have a Van program.

Edge CT Monitor with EGT was installed to show info / EGT temp (Got a deal from Ebay).

High flow air-filters from DP-Tuner on the way.

End results: The van runs smoother and shifts better than stock... It generally generally kicks *** and I'm happy with the mods. I think it's now faster than my car.

DP-Tuner and other folks I dealt with were all top notch (fast shipping, answered questions quickly).

I was getting 15 mpg (calculated) before mods, I'm now showing 20 MPG around town with the edge mpg calculator... even if that's not 100% right the drivability of the van is awesome. Thanks DP-Tuner for a great chip and upgrade.

Next mods: dynamat / sound proofing, HPX, front suspension, new front springs, and doetsch-tech shocks. I'll get a fat exhaust when the current one runs out.

Thanks everyone for the tons of other posts on diesel tech I've read and not responded to :)

Side note: If you have rubber floor in your van / truck, check underneath often. The sound insulation got wet somehow and the drivers side was rusted pretty bad:

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Right on man, hard to beat a van for a work vehicle. May as well make it fuwhile your at it.
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