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97 F250 XLT No power to horn/Cruise Control Switch

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Hello everyone I am new to the forums but have been taking a lot of advice from here and finally wanted to sign up.

I have just purchased my first ford Truck. It is a 1997 F250 XLT 7.3L and my horn and cruise do not work. I have read up as much as I could and still can't figure it out so here is goes..

First off I do NOT have airbags so the clockspring is not the issue. I have tested the #3 horn relay and it is working properly, I have visually inspected and tested the #3 30AMP fuse for the horn and it is fine as well, even switched it to another circut and it works fine. I got a reading of a little over 12V in the #85 socket in the fuse box for the relay so I am getting power to the relay. I then proceeded to pop off the steering wheel pad inside the truck and unplug the only wire harness in there. From left to right there are 3 wires a yellow one, blue one with white stripe, and then black one. I believe yellow=power to cruise/horn, blue w/wht stripe= cruise control signals, black is ground. I see that the horn is activated by ground but when I tested the left most pin in the wheel(the one for power) I got a reading of 0 volts when I think I should be getting 12V. So I think my issue lies somewhere in between the relay and the horn switch. I have not tested the actual horns as I didnt think it was needed yet(plus its cold as **** outside). If anyone can be of service this would make my day as I cannot pass inspection without it.


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