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First off, sorry for the long post, but I want you guys to have all the info about this problem.

I make biodiesel, and a few night ago a little water got into one of my storage barrels but I didn't think it was much so i decided to run it and let my separator take care of it.

BAD CHOICE MAYBE. I filled my front tank with some from that barrel and got 2 miles down the road it run rough. No power when i stepped on it. Idled really rough, and smoked like crazy. I shut it off and it wouldn't restart. I then pulled my filter and drained the fuel bowl and replaced it with petro diesel. It still didn't restart. I also switched to the rear tank which only had petro diesel in it.

Today i went out, and it still wouldn't start. I opened up the filter bowl and found a blend of diesel and ****ty biodiesel, so it seemed like the pump was working, if it brought in stuff that was still in the line. I then drained the bowl again and found glycerin at the bottom of it? Don't know why that suddenly got there. I didn't refill it, but gave it a crank. No fuel filled up the bowl after that. The truck smokes like it's getting fuel when cranking, but It gets nothing.

Any ideas?
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